UCMJ – United States Code of Military Justice


02. Apprehension and Restraint

No person, while being held for trial, may be subjected to punishment or penalty other than arrest or confinement upon the charges pending against him, nor shall the arrest or confinement imposed upon him be any more rigorous than the circumstances required to insure his presence, but he may be subjected to minor punishment during that period for infractions of discipline.

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  • kody

    So does that mean if I just received my article 15, and started doing extra duty about 3 weeks in they are trying to have a 7 day chapter rebuttal trial. And I have no time to prepare my case after work, that this could be in my favor?


    I am looking for the article, in the UCMJ, that describes the process for, remanding an active duty member to the civilian authorities. In a manner of speaking, “extraditing” active duty servicemembers to civilian authorities

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