UCMJ – United States Code of Military Justice


10. Punitive Articles

Though not specifically mentioned in this chapter, all disorders and neglects to the prejudice of good order and discipline in the armed forces, all conduct of a nature to bring discredit upon the armed forces, and crimes and offenses not capital, of which persons subject to this chapter may be guilty, shall be taken cognizance of by a general, special or summary court-martial, according to the nature and degree of the offense, and shall be punished at the discretion of that court.

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  • Helga Czarnecki

    I’am trying to bring to light the events and incidents that took place while I was married to an enlisted service member ( Air Force ). During the course of our 15 yr. marriage there were multiple affairs I have proof of (i.e. txt’s, emails, pics. ).
    I need help in bringing these adulterous acts to the attention of someone who can help me. I have even wrote to the Chief of Staff (A.F.) at the pentagon and Pres. B. Obama. I’am a foriener who proudly became a U.S. citizen, only to be betrayed by the one I loved and was shown no support by the Chain of Command at the time. I need HELP, as I was faithfull and feel deeply wronged by many in a higher-up position, (the cover-ups and not being taken seriouslly). I’m just looking for some accountability on those who are supposed to be taking these matter seriouslly. Please help,, Helga Czarnecki 719 213 8089

    • You are such a liar

      He left your crazy lying ass, get over it!

    • SMSgt

      Contact your ex-husband’s Commander. They can look into the matter and make a determination if the military should take action.

    • Veau

      While I sympathize with your case – I had a similar incident only I am the U.S. Citizen and my spouse was the immigrant – the sad truth is, you will receive no “justice” from the military no matter how many people you contact (oh and ESPECIALLY Osama Obama).

      It has nothing to do with your immigrant circumstances or anything else personal. The wording of the Article is specific in nature as to “disrupts military operation, etc… blah blah blah…

      So long as none of these extramarital events had any negative impact upon how the military functions, then no crime was committed. And since technically speaking, in the letter of Civil Law infidelity is not illegal in this country, then legally – no crime was committed period!

      It is not fair and I know it is not the answer you hoped to receive. But it is the answer that exists outside all the smart ass morons making their racist comments and such. It is, unfortunately, the truth.

  • Casey

    I was just curios to the regulations on an E-5 and an E-2 seeing each other. They are deployed to the same place, but not in the same company.?

    • Jim

      That would fraternization which is punishable under article 134.

      • Chad

        That would be incorrect Jim. Fraternization is only between enlisted and commissioned officers and is upheld by Article 134. The relationship between an E-5 and an E-2 could be unprofessional if they were in the same chain of command. Given the above scenario, they are not and this would not constitute an unprofessional relationship.

      • Ross

        Jim, fraternization is between enlisted and officer. Casey, they are fine as long as they are not in each other’s chain of command. They could be in the same unit as long as the senior member in not in the junior member’s chain.

    • Steve

      Casey, There is nothing wrong (legally) with the Sgt (E5) and PFC (E2) seeing each other – as long as the Sgt is not the PFC’s supervisor. People often confuse “the chain of command” with “the same unit.” If the Sgt is in Motor-T and the PFC is in Radio Platoon, they are not in the same chain of command; although they may be in the same unit. The Former SgtMaj of the Marine Corps was a SSgt (E6) when he started dating his soon-to-be wife who was a L/Cpl (E3) at the time.

    • Ross

      Jonathan they’re fine as long as the higher member is not in the lower member’s chain of command.

      Fraternization can only happen between officers and enlisted.
      Unprofessional relationships are between enlisted, officers or civilians. This happens when someone is showing favor to someone else in their chain.

  • Paul

    What about an E-5 using the barracks for sex and overnight usage by a civilian? And leaving said civilian un-escorted during the day when he is at his duty station @ work? This is occurring on Camp Pendleton and the enlisted person claims his CO and Base Security know about it and look the other way? As a Retired Veteran, I find this behavior deplorable and shows a complete lack of honor and respect for the branch of service he is enlisted in.

    • Veau

      UCMJ would not apply to the civilian, but civil charges can and ought to be imposed. The Marine (Or Sailor?) Brining the civilian into the barracks in the first place is violating a number of punishable military policies, compounded by using the barracks for sexual encounters with said civilian, and buried under a pile of punitive actions for leaving the civilian alone and unsupervised- in a place where said civilian ought not to be right from the stat.

      This situation, by the way, begs the question; Where the hell is the Firewatch and/or Duty NCO while this civilian is wandering around a Marine Corps barracks with the freedom to stick her nose into anyplace she pleases?

  • Pat

    Under Article 134, both can be charged with fraternization. Most companies have policies with strict guidelines concerning this. While it mostly applies to soldiers in the same unit, (favorable actions, for example), some policies forbid it period. Check your company policies. Exclusions may apply if the relationship existed prior to either soldiers enlistment.

  • Joshua

    Casey, enlisted rank does not matter as long as they do not fall in the same chain of command.

  • jonathan

    I was wondering what the regulation on an E-5 and E-3 seeing each other living together are not deployed and not in the same unit?

  • theuglytruth

    quit tryin to bring that man down cause he dont want ur ass anymore smh i hate women who seek revenge why not just move on and find someone you deserve instaed of wasteing ur time tryin to hurt him becayse he hurt u

    • Scott

      First, learn English, how to spell, and use proper English grammar. It is sad that a foreigner, the first post has better grammar than you. Second, it is because of people like you and think like you that there are battered women all over this country. Put in the same shoes, I bet you would be seeking some amount of fair treatment for what your spouse did to you. Unfortunately for the military in general, the spouse is usually the victim and in most cases of adultery, the military will not take part in the case. Adultery used to be punishable under the UCMJ, but in recent years has been removed from punitive actions. The Ugly Truth is, that you are probably that same type of man that the original poster is trying to seek redemption from and you probably have one if not more trying to do the same thing to you. The Ugly Truth is, you will probably not make it far in the military and or every be truly happy with any of your relationships for fear that some day the women you have wronged will get the better of you. That’s the Ugly Truth.

    • Veau

      If you have nothing useful or constructive to say, say nothing. Individuals like yourself, who have nothing better to do than be miserable, are living proof that “Stupid People Should NOT Breed”.

      • Veau

        Well said Scott. theuglytruth is – well…The Ugly Truth.

        As for you Teresa…5 years? And your saying her husband should have left her long ago? So what excuse have you got, if the woman is truly that bad?

        My mother watched for years and years and years, as her husband beat and battered her four children – 3 of which he actually fathered with her. Because “she came from the generation where the wife/mother doesn’t interfere with the husband/father and his way of running a household”.

        What a crock of shit that is! Only human beings could/would stand back and watch their own children beaten and hospitalized regularly, making up lie after lie to protect the abuser. Any other animal on earth – the mother would kill at the merest threat to her offspring. So, if Helga is as mentally ill as you claim,and yet you support her husband stepping out on her, and you place all the blame on her, when he has his share of blame to be accountable for… I strongly suspect you’re the type of woman who would stand back and watch your husband abuse your children.

        No need to respond – no defense you offer would be believable. It would just be words you’re throwing around trying to suppress the truth that your previous post has made very clear to anyone discerning enough to see where your thinking leads to. You support infidelity? My God, you probably commit infidelity. I think I;’m going to be sick.

  • Teresa Czarnecki

    This reply is for Helga Czarnecki who just testified in a court of law that she has 6 (yes six) mental illnesses… I met her ex 3 months after he finally was able to leave her (March 2009). However, I can assure you that if you knew Helga, you would understand completely why anyone could be unfaithful to her… He should have never married her or at least divorced her a long time ago. She has wrecked total havoc on our life in the 5+ years I’ve known her. That woman needs to be institutionalized. If “theuglytruth” is replying to Helga – Thank You!!

  • Robert

    Why is it fair for military members to be punished for adultery, but if their spouses have an affair, they cannot be held accountable at their jobs?
    Seems to be a complete lack of fairness between the civilian side and the military side.
    Trust me, my ex cheated on me, I went to her hospital and told her supervisors and they just cmae out and told me they were not going to do anything about it.
    In revenge I had an affair 4 years later (we did try to work thru it), I ended up going to Captains mast (Navy) and had my E-8 package pulled a week before results came out from the advancement board.
    So the military does punish for this type of behavior, what she did does not condone my behavior, but wanted to point out the double standards between civilian and military jobs.

  • Josie

    What if someone were to be 6 hours late to staff duty. He he reported early in the morning and the Sgt in charge let him go on break but the the soldier overslept.

  • Billy Williams

    I have a senior NCO that is sleeping with a civilian and he is married to another NCO. Can the senior NCO get into trouble with his COC?

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